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Anyone who want to buy alcohol can find a dealer in the small shops. Only if i buy large quantities. They open 10 and then you can buy if you are an alcoholic, but not after The most important thing is that they check age. The bar was shut down and the owner threatened with a 5 year closing order if the offense was repeated. He said the lost income would hurt but not as much as closing for 5 years.

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Follow -. The penalty for this should be severe, if they are on a motorized bike, car, it is confiscated forever. And if no motorized vehicle,then the one at home, or the one next door, it goes, and is never returned. I think most farangs would consider these laws and the advertising restrictions stupid as they are so easily flouted, and by the way you can no longer get around it by buying more than 10 litres.

I am not sure what problem they are trying to solve, the local guy is going to have a stock of lau kow and and his local store is not going to care. People going out at night is a different problem, they are entitled to have fun but not kill people on the road so stricter enforcement of drink driving laws for EVERYONE is what is needed. Where there is a problem is under age drinking and in my opinion the laws or their enforcement should be tougher for people selling it to minors or purchasing it on their behalf.

Malays (ethnic group)

Any Brits will remember licencing hours which the government eventually gave up on and I see in a recent report that there was no increase in alcohol consumption as a direct result of the change. Follow babybluebangkok. There needs to be a serious review of ALL laws and policies regarding drinking in order to ensure that they all comply with whatever message the Government wishes to purport. At the moment the laws are relatively clear — it is illegal to sell or buy alcohol outside of the restricted time zones and to be over the legal limit whilst driving 0.

However the policies and strategies that are enforced often belittle the laws. For example if you look at your Life Insurance policy it may afford you accident cover if your alcohol limit is 0. I can understand the logic behind the ban on booze from midnight till 11am.

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You can actually hurt somebody. But what is wrong with 2pm till 5pm? Is it to hot to have a beer? Damn, 11pm is already hot as hell sometimes. Follow karynbkk. The pm was introduced to stop school children buying alcohol after school. Only in Thailand would they do this.

They compromise the incomes of so many people by doing this rather than addressing the actual problem. I live in Pattaya but not for much longer and the crap of the Police is embarrassing. This is one of well over incidents I know about and it is a disgrace.


I am moving to the Philippines or Vietnam where they want us to live and spend money in the economy. Only this week the figures came out that China is avoiding Thailand like the plague in favor of Vietnam for similar reasons as above.


This is a loss of billions os USD to Thailand. The Thai government…and sadly so many Thai people are so unfathomably dumb it is astounding. This is in spite of almost none of them ever traveling out of Thailand. I drove in a police checkpoint and they stopped me last year, after checking my papers they walked around my car to fine me for something, i heard a bump and thw police guy came back he said my tail lights was broken and i would get a fine, I went put of the car but both lights worked fine.

As i told him he said.

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Yes start work when i hit. Hi, is it illegal to drink a beer on a thai domestic flight, one that you take on yourself? Or is it just airlines being cheap by not providing free alcoholic drinks? I dont really mind the time limits , I have usually planned well. The 2 am curfew is a great idea , they should introduce in Australia. The various day exclusions do catch me out , as it did today Hmm , well vastly different if you are Farang , make sure you have an upmarket Thai with you , they wont look at 0. Not letting people buy liquor or any alcohol at 3am I understand.

But I am a school teacher of year olds and I can tell you that the ones that drink have no trouble buying there alcohol after 5 or at a mom and pop shop. Very annoying. She pointed to a large sign on the wall written in Thai and the only thing on it I could read was the times but from her absolute borrified expression I worked out what it must mean.

Just got a death stare. So after leaving the store I googled it and came here to this page. Then I find out on here that meanwhile those same Thai shop assistants who were horrified about my small cold can of beer at 3pm are quite possibly happily selling sly nips of mekong to the tuk tuk drivers in red bull bottles, or happily selling alcohol to school children after 5pm, as others have observed.

Only in Thailand as someone else said. But how about they start taking some of their other Thai laws as seriously. Enforcing traffic laws and taking the laws about pedestrian crossings seriously where there are also lives at stake would be a good start before they get so shocked and horrified about someone trying to buy a can of beer at 3pm! Perhaps the fines and penalties need to be equally draconian for other, arguably far more serious, infringements.

Just flew in, with cancelled flights and therefore missed connections, ended up being a 35 hour trip. As a young boy he enjoyed writing poems and stories for his teachers. His family roots are from Sweden, Norway and Germany. Brand New, never worn front print Authentic white junior camisole. Lisa Travis has always dreamed of faraway places. Her childhood days of exploring old National Geographic magazines in her attic led her to the world beyond.

She studied in Germany, traveled the USA i