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Barr is all in. Storm Lake Times. In America, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told Wisconsin dairy farmers last week, the big get bigger and the small go out. No tears for the vanquished. Another ethanol plant just shut down in Sioux County, in part because of the trade wars with China and Mexico, in part because of broken Trump promises, in part because production overshoots demand as the corn industry does so expertly.

Oh well. John Deere is laying off workers in the Quad Cities because of steel tariffs and slack demand as world trade screeches to a halt. They could just move to where the jobs are in, say, San Jose. This is no rose garden, kids, so buck up. Creative destruction. Or just destruction.

Not every business, farm, and small town destroyed means flowers sprouting somewhere else. More people and capital drain from the rural Midwest, along with better prospects for us all. Spray some more anhydrous and watch the Gulf of Mexico die. It is the natural cycle. Perdue speaks with a sort of resignation that is all too familiar to sons and daughters of Iowa shoved out of the door by their parents for the suburbs of Chicago. But it will be so long as we elect people who respect capital ownership over labor, and wealth over work.

If you have been concerned, as any thinking person would be, by the conservative project of salting the federal courts with specimens from the various wingnut welfare terrariums, then Friday was one of the days that you've been properly dreading. The Supreme Court agreed to hear a case from Louisiana challenging that state's restrictions on reproductive rights, a case that leaves open to destruction at least the "undue burden" standard present since in the Court's Casey decision, if not the entire structure of reproductive rights that has been under assault ever since the Court ruled in Roe v.

From NPR:. Like the Texas law that the court previously struck down, the Louisiana law requires any doctor performing an abortion to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital; it also requires that clinics that provide abortions be, in effect, mini-hospitals, with everything from wide corridors to expensive equipment.

And thereby hangs the decision. It's Justice Boof's big chance, and it's one of the primary reasons people fought so hard for his confirmation. His vote to uphold the Louisiana law is as predetermined an outcome as any in the history of the Court. If the law is upheld, then states will be emboldened to demolish a woman's right to choose by degrees, as many states already are doing. Roe will not be overturned. It will be completely cored out and useless as practical law. And Brett Kavanaugh is 54 years old. Dana Milbank repeating the obvious, but worth repeating. Washington Post.

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At the core of the impeachment inquiry — indeed, at the core of almost every complaint about this president — is one simple truth: Donald Trump is not a patriot. I just know that he loves himself more. Geopolitical archrival China, fighting us in a trade war, now knows that to secure good relations with the U. Likewise, Trump temporarily left Ukraine without U. Then ask when he has placed any interest ahead of his own. Ten to one the question only confuses him. Leonard Pitts on that film shot entirely in a Florida prison without the knowledge of the guards.

Miami Herald. Although Whitney had been filming since , only clips from onward were successfully smuggled out. He gave the Miami Herald permission to post them online. The Department of Corrections was asked multiple times to comment on this story but did not do so before online publication. Just make it harder to see how bad they are. Neither were any Republican leaders in the House.

Neither were any Republican leaders in the Senate. Abbreviated Pundit Round-up: The wheels on the bus go thump, thump, thump Mark Sumner for Daily Kos. Daily Kos Staff. Recommend Unrecommend Add to Blog. Edit Tags. Alternatively, you can contact Auckland Transport on 09 for help with finding the appropriate bus. Buses usually stop approximately every metres at posted signs.

At major stops, bus route and timetable information signs show the numbers, names and descriptions of buses that stop at the stop. Longer bus stops will have different departure points for each service. These signs indicate the place to wait. The destination sign above the bus windshield shows the route number and destination.

If the bus approaching your stop is the one you want, remain on the curb and indicate to the bus driver with a clear wave of your arm that you intend to board.

Carriers & Routes - George Washington Bridge Bus Station - The Port Authority of NY & NJ

All busway stations will have an electronic display system to advise when the next bus will arrive and at which platform. Some local bus shelters will also have the same technology. There will be bus timetables for passengers to take away at the busway stations. You can also check out Timetables. You can find out full details at How simpler fares work. If you have left something on a bus, you need to call the operator of the service that you were on directly to report your lost property.

If you find something on a bus please hand it to the driver as soon as possible. Use the Journey Planner to plan your trip. All you need to do is select your departure and destination locations and when you wish to travel. The Journey Planner will advise which buses you can catch from Britomart and provide times, fares and maps for your trip.

Around the central city you can also catch the InnerLink or CityLink buses. Take the InnerLink for a circular tour of the inner city area. A complete circuit takes about one hour, if you get off the bus and reboard you'll have to pay again. Normal fares apply.

Newmans Coach Lines: call 09 or visit the Newmans Coachlines website. The Northern Busway project is the first dedicated busway infrastructure in New Zealand. The Northern Busway system consists of a public transport network of five busway stations, linked by a 6. Buses travelling on the busway are able to bypass general traffic, especially during the morning and afternoon peak travel times. In addition, there is the Hibiscus Coast station which is located further North past Albany. There are also well-planned drop off and pick up zones.

Cyclists can leave their bikes in a secure locker or bike racks at the stations, except Sunnynook Station which only has bike racks. All stations have toilets. Monitored CCTV covers the stations and safety points have been installed. Patrols visit and check vehicles in the park and ride facilities, which are also monitored by CCTV 24 hours, 7 days. However all other Northern Busway stations have pick-up and drop-off zones.

Each station is well lit and is monitored by a video recording system operating 24 hours a day, seven days per week. The CCTV footage is fed back to the busway operations centre. Busway stations are also patrolled by security staff and there is a safety point at each station where passengers can get immediate assistance by pressing a button that links them to the busway operations centre.

All stations are weather protected, with seating and shelters designed for good visibility.

How to get started:

There are modern toilets at each station. Facilities for disabled users are also available, including lifts, ramps, carparking and toilets. Buses are a much more flexible transport option than trains, as they can move around anywhere where there are roads. The bus system can also evolve as the suburbs grow to meet the changing needs of the community.

Chicago Airport Shuttle Bus

The busway has been designed so that it can be converted to light rail if this proves viable in the future. Not at this time. However, the Northern Busway has been designed to accommodate car pools vehicles with three or more people. The Northern Express is the name for the high frequency service operating between Hibiscus Coast and Britomart via all Busway stations. Skip to Main Content Contact us. Catching the bus Stand on the footpath at the designated bus stop. Getting on the bus Enter the bus from the front door, keeping to the left hand side of the doorway.

Getting seated If you are first on a bus with a queue of people behind you, please take a seat to the rear of the bus. Please stand and give your seat to seniors and pregnant women or anyone with special needs. For your safety, do not stand in doorways. Consideration for others For your own safety and comfort, as well as those around you, please follow the simple tips below to ensure everyone enjoys a pleasant trip.

No eating, drinking or smoking is allowed on buses at any time.

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