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Not only was the ship carrying too many passengers, but the situation was worsened by an additional load dry goods cargo including rice. During the accident there were only about life jackets, and survivors resorted to using mattresses to stay afloat until rescuers arrived. Only passengers survived. It caused at least deaths, more than the famous sinking of the Titanic.

Disasters At Sea

The death toll may have been much larger due to the number of passengers unaccounted for. The capacity of the ship was normally 44 crew and passengers, less than a third of the total recorded deaths. Investigations showed that the ship ran into rough water, and that it was designed only to travel in coastal waters, limits it had went well beyond.

While the primary cause of the ship capsizing was overloading, there were also problems attributed to poor maintenance by its owners.

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In the end, only 64 passengers survived the ordeal due to belated rescue efforts. Aside from some fishing boats in the area, the government rescue effort did not get underway until the morning following the incident because radio operators were absent from their posts on the night it occurred.


The ship was said to be carrying 1, passengers and 96 crew members in addition to around vehicles. Investigations into the sinking showed that there was build-up of seawater in the hull due to extinguishing a fire in one of the engine rooms before the event. The cruise ship was m long, its beam measured 20m and gross tonnage was 14,t. The ship was equipped with two steam engines and two quadruple expansion propellers, which provided a maximum operating speed of 20k.

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MS Estonia MS Estonia, formerly known as Viking Sally, Silja Star and Wasa King during different periods from to , sank in September during its voyage from Tallinn to Stockholm, resulting in deaths, while people were saved through rescue operations. The cruise ferry accident was caused by rough sea conditions in the Baltic Sea, when wind speeds ranged from 35mph to 45mph. The bad sea conditions forced the ship to initially list on the starboard side and later sink completely. The ferry was constructed by Meyer Werft at its shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, in The vessel was operated by EstLine from to MS Estonia measured The vessel was equipped with four 4,kW diesel engines connected to two propeller shafts, and had an operational speed of 21k.

The cruise ferry had capacity to accommodate 2, passengers and cars. The disaster occurred when the ship listed while being still tied to a dock in the Chicago River during preparations to cruise to Michigan City. The probable causes of the disaster are believed to be the flaws in its design and construction, inadequacy of its ballast tanks and overloading.

List of maritime disasters

The accident occurred when the passengers embarked the ship. The ship initially listed to the starboard side and further to portside, throwing off passengers and trapping some in the interior cabins. It was constructed by Jenks Ship Building Company, which specialised in constructing freighters but had no prior experience in construction of passenger vessels. The vessel was launched in May The cruise ship had an overall length of m, width of 38m and gross tonnage of 1,t.

Ship disasters involving watertight doors

It was equipped with two triple expansion steam engines, four scotch boilers and two shafts. The vessel was designed for a top speed of It was equipped with 11 life boats and 37 life rafts. Saint-Philibert Cruise Ship Saint-Philibert was a twin screw-propelled small cruise ship that met with disaster in June resulting in the loss of about lives, sparing just eight passengers while on its homeward run on the Loire Estuary in France. It was further struck by a wave causing her to sink. Besides, the captain and crew were considered unqualified. Saint-Philibert cruise ship measured 32m in length and 6.

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  4. The accident occurred in the Tsemes Bay near the port of Novorossiysk enroute Sochi. The cruise ship collided with the large bulk carrier Pyotr Vasev at a speed of five knots, causing it to sink within a few minutes. The accident was caused by negligence of the captains of the two ships. The captain of Pyotr Vasev failed to heed the warning announced from SS Admiral Nakhimov, while the captain of Admiral Nakhimov was absent on the bridge at the time of the tragedy.

    It was owned by Norddeutscher Lloyd and constructed by Bremer Vulkan.

    Top 5 Sinking Ship (Scary Footage)

    In the end, of the estimated people aboard the Arctic, only 87 survived the disaster, 22 of them passengers and the rest crew members; none were women or children. Meanwhile, the Vesta did not sink and instead made it to St.

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    The Arctic crew members who took the lifeboats and abandoned ship were criticized in the media for their behavior, which also violated laws forbidding sailors to put their own safety before that of passengers in emergencies. However, none of the men were prosecuted for their actions. On December 20, , this Philippine passenger ferry, en route from the Philippine island of Leyte to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, collided with an oil tanker, caught fire and sank, killing as many as 4, people. The Dona Paz, built in in Japan, collided at night in the Tablas Strait with the Vector, a tanker carrying more than 8, barrels of petroleum products.

    The RMS Titanic

    Passenger ferries are common in the Philippines, an archipelago of some 7, islands with a weak record of nautical safety. Additionally, the Vector was said to be poorly maintained and operating without a license. Only several dozen people survived the disaster. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us!

    Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. This Day In History. The Wilhelm Gustloff : The deadliest shipwreck in history On January 30, , some 9, people perished aboard this German ocean liner after it was torpedoed by a Soviet submarine and sank in the frigid waters of the Baltic Sea. The Sultana : Catastrophe on the Mississippi River On April 27, , some 1, people—many of them Union soldiers recently freed from Confederate prison camps—perished after this side-wheel steamboat exploded, burned and sank in the Mississippi River.

    The Arctic : Women and children last The foot-long, 2,ton Arctic, which made its maiden transatlantic voyage in , was known for its speed and could cross the Atlantic in just nine days.