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Like for real if you told me it was actually written by real dead vampires on cocaine I would BELIEVE you because only someone high on blood and angel dust could come up with something that gloriously bizarre.

I have no idea why we loved it so much but it was SO great. For no reason other than bored.

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I like that they turned a dvd set into a pack of playing cards. And the minimalist presentation of just the show and no special features, not even closed captions, really contributes to the bleak atmosphere of the narrative.

The special effects of that show did not age well, but I still remain very fond of it. Log in Sign up. You…are my closest friend. I a little bit wanted to be LaCroix. How it toys with us. Makes utter fools of us. Clubs, whips… and spanks us. Listen to the voices of the unloved as they surge and retreat in the night… Whisper to empty rooms… And lonely beds. The hunger of love.

Rushing through our fingers.


And yet, when we touch this love, it burns us with its bright flame. It punishes and consumes.


And yet we must have it. Description The undead are unleashed for the second season of the sexy and stylish vampire horror series Forever Knight , starring Geraint Wyn Davies as Nick Knight, a 13th century vampire working as a police detective in modern day Toronto.

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Witchblade, Season 2. Joining in Nicholas' quest is Dr. Natalie Lambert, a brilliant forensic scientist, who is inching closer to the cure for his supernatural condition. The master vampire Lucien LaCroix, however, will stop at nothing to ensure that Nicholas remains a vampire. In his darkest moments, Nicholas turns to the lovely vampire Janette, who offers him unconditional loyalty despite her prominent standing in the vampire underworld.

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