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Accredited Certificate Providers. Scheme Participants. Householders and businesses.

Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula This method is used to calculate energy savings from eligible commercial lighting upgrades, where lighting standards have been met. About this method The Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula Commercial Lighting is used to calculate energy savings from upgrades of existing lighting, including: General purpose building lighting Lighting for roads and public spaces Traffic signals. The purpose of the Fact Sheet is to provide the Purchaser with: An overview of the ESS Key details about commercial lighting activities Contact details for relevant authorities.

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Evidence Manual The Evidence Manual makes it easier to collect and retain the right information to support energy savings. Evidence Pack The Evidence Pack is the core set of records to evidence energy savings from commercial lighting activities.

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Please note: Accredited Certificate Providers are required to use this evidence pack for all upgrades implemented on or after 1 July Accredited Certificate Providers are able to adjust the format of the evidence pack to suit their own business processes The 'Multiple Implementation Cover Sheet' has been replaced by the form - Implementation data sheet. Calculating Energy Savings We provide a ready-to-use calculation tool.

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Commercial Lighting - Method Guide. Template - Nomination form - Corporations and businesses. Template - Nomination form - Individuals.

Commercial Lighting - Fact Sheet. Commercial Lighting - Evidence Manual.

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Commercial Lighting - Evidence Pack. Knowing thermostat basics will help you to still save energy with a manual thermostat. The best place to install your thermostat is on the ground floor, in an interior hallway, or in a room that has the most stable and natural air currents. Place the thermostat away from direct sunlight and other heat sources such as the kitchen or laundry room.

In addition, nothing should block the device. It should be placed in an area where it can be easily accessed.

Application Characteristics

For your AC to be energy-efficient, you will need to be very diligent with a manual thermostat, remembering to adjust the settings when you are going to be away for extended periods. For example, before leaving for work in the morning you will need to increase the thermostat to avoid wasting energy cooling or heating a home when no one is there.

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You will then need to change the setting to more comfortable temperatures when you return home. You can save even more by changing the settings when you are asleep as well.

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To simplify this process even more, install a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats give you the ability to set and save multiple daily settings and will adjust the temperature as programmed. While you can try to use your manual thermostat to your advantage, a programmable thermostat is a more convenient option and a good investment.

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With programmable thermostats you can:.