Cheaters, Pies, and Lullabies (Cutie Pies Chronicles Book 2)

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Walker A group of friends slowly go missing over the course of a week at a mountain cabin.

I waited ten years for the right guy, then four come along at once.

A young girl gets lost in the woods in the middle of the night and is caught by a strange creature. Ovenfriend Two young boys are forced to play a deadly game in the back room of an arcade. Kharibian A college student finally discovers what happened the day her sister and her best friend disappeared. Matuse Two siblings stumble upon a strange house in the middle of the woods. Stark A young woman tries to rescue her father and two younger siblings from a psychotic religious cult. Pack A young man trapped in a snowbound house is constantly harassed by a voice coming from outside.

Embry A man buys a disturbing videotape that chronicles the murder of an entire family.

Pfeiffer An old woman discovers something terrifying in the basement oaf a cabin. Walker Two young friends venture into the woods to find a town that was supposedly abandoned. Monroe A couple finds themselves stalked by government agents after finding a UFO crashed in a field.

A woman shares with her niece the reason the girl's mother won't talk to her anymore. A young woman finds herself constantly on the run from a violent stalker. Grimm, Trevor Boelter, Manen Lyset, and Karae Vickery A military family constantly moves around the country to escape the government for a reason they've long forgotten.

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Walker, and Michael Marks A lumberjack tasked with clearing an old forest is disturbed by his coworkers' increasingly bizarre behavior. Kalivaki" Jackson Laughlin A janitor at an old college stumbles upon the abandoned lab of an insane doctor. Malone A ghost hunter stays the night in an old mansion to find out once and for all what is haunting it. Burnage" Michael Kemp An old woman enjoys inviting the neighborhood kids over to play. Categories :. Cancel Save.

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A man wonders if the strange creature his father has told him lives in the basement of their home actually exists. A teenager begins to wonder what is real and what is not after his suicidal friend begins to act strangely.

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A priest and a group of other people experience increasingly violent and unexplainable occurrences in an isolated military base. A detective begins to wonder what is causing a series of increasingly violent deaths in his hometown. A man creates a lucrative business when he discovers some of the rich have a taste for human flesh.

A judge on a popular cooking competition show begins to wonder what one contestant's secret ingredient is.

A man that let a car accident victim die on the side of the road finds himself stalked by his ghost. A young boy's father has the habit of playing a particular practical joke every year on vacation. A security officer at a train station is shocked to see a creature sitting behind a young woman.

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In a sequel to episode 1's "Painting of a Hallway", the man who found the painting tries and fails to save his family from the creature. A family comes to regret brushing off a ghost hunter's advice on how to cleanse their haunted home. Two friends that break into an abandoned restaurant discover it might not be as empty as they think. A pair of cops go on the hunt for a drug dealer that has been ruling the Seattle underworld for over a century.

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A young woman complains that her boyfriend is cheating on her - but everything is not as it seems. A man purchases a dilapidated church in an old town and discovers a book of spells in the basement. A young woman is haunted by a ghost after finding a phone that used to belong to a murder victim. A man buys an old record at a garage sale, which begins playing by itself in the middle of the night. Boardwalk Empire TV Series writer - 3 episodes, - performer - 1 episode, - Resolution Dancing with the Stars TV Series writer - 3 episodes, - music - 1 episode, - Week 2 TV Series music - 1 episode - Episode dated 19 April TV Series 1 episode - The Wedding Rikos TV Series music - 1 episode, writer - 1 episode, - Episode 1.

Diana DeGarmo Today TV Series writer - 1 episode, music - 1 episode, - Episode dated 8 February Geils Band Ikaw lang writer: "Someone to Watch Over Me". Confidential music: "But Not for Me" Moreau writer: "Rhapsody in Blue". Gaos Baseball TV Mini-Series documentary lyrics - 1 episode, music - 1 episode, writer - 1 episode, - Shadow Ball The Lady Sings Kauniit ja rohkeat TV Series writer - 2 episodes, - music - 1 episode, - Episode 1. Growing Pains TV Series writer - 2 episodes, - music - 2 episodes, - - Roommates Belvedere TV Series music - 1 episode - Debut TV Series writer - 1 episode - The Graduate TV Special writer: "S'Wonderful".

Show all 6 episodes. Bandstand TV Series music - 4 episodes, - writer - 1 episode, - Episode dated 22 July Show TV Series writer - 1 episode - Episode 1. TV Series music - 1 episode, writer - 1 episode, - Episode 2. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Oscar Levant Show all 7 episodes. Show all 37 episodes. Show all 24 episodes. TV Series music - 2 episodes - Three's a Crowd Skeffington music: "Someone to Watch Over Me" - uncredited.


What Love Has Done to Me! Louis Blues Short writer: "Rhapsody in Blue" - uncredited.

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Show all 33 episodes. Miggletwitcher TV Movie music. III Documentary grateful acknowledgment: to the extraordinary composers and lyricists. Documentary acknowledgment: composer of the words and music. Himself - Composer. Book by Fred Thompson. Lyrics by Adrian Ross and Percy Greenbank. Musical Director: Frank P.